As we’re sure you’re aware, social media is a fundamental part of a marketing strategy for venues and event spaces. So, if you’re already using it, that’s a fantastic first step! 

Implementing social media independently can be a great way to generate additional brand awareness, boost bookings and develop a strong following.

However, promoting your venue alone can have its drawbacks that may be holding your venue back from reaching its full potential. 

As they say, knowledge is power, and we endeavour to illustrate the pros and cons of both subscribing to a Search4Venues Enhanced listing and promoting your venue on social media independently.


Independent Social Media Marketing

Going it alone for your social media marketing has the benefit of being achievable without any additional spend.

However allocating members of staff or even your own time to the task has a monetary impact. If you choose to hire a marketing or social media specialist the costs of hiring and employing can be steep. If you allocate an existing member of staff without any formal experience or qualifications the results may be mixed and if that member of staff has other responsibilities their efforts may be inconsistent at best.

All that being said, if consistent, social media marketing independently can produce more meaningful and engaging content as no one knows your venue better than you and your staff. Your photos, videos and posts can be more spontaneous and in the moment and direct messages can be picked up quickly and dealt with in a more personal way.

Social Media Marketing with Search4Venues


Choosing a Search4Venues Enhanced Listing for your venue includes social media marketing and comes with benefits that can increase online exposure to the right audience. Our directory is built and managed by a team of incredibly experienced venue finders so our venues have the benefit of being promoted by their target audience, and who knows better what your target audience wants than the audience themselves?

With a Search4Venues Enhanced listing there are a range of benefits...

  • Greater exposure to corporate bookers including event planners
  • Dedicated social media promotion at least four times a year 
  • Promotion across four major social media sites (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn)
  • Social content that can be liked and shared across your own social media platforms
  • Creative marketing messaging and posts from a team of experienced marketing specialists
  • Relevant hashtags to engage a wider audience
  • Content that is on trend and showcases your venues USP’s
  • A Search4Venues Enhanced listing is arguably cheaper than employing a dedicated member of staff or even reassigning an existing member of staff.
  • Consistent social content and up to date venue images and information
  • Search4Venues listings are hand picked making our directory more exclusive and as a result more trusted. 
  • A fantastic ROI – Enhanced listings are just £250 for the entire year and on average our venues receive at least 30 hot leads within that year making your ROI practically guaranteed, secure just one booking and your listing has paid for itself!

While the benefits are extensive with Search4Venues it isn’t right for all venues. 

  • The directory works best for small chains and independent venues. 
  • Enhanced listings aren’t free so some of your marketing budget needs to be dedicated but as mentioned above the ROI is excellent.
  • Our marketing messages and post content are only as good as the information provided or available. If you don’t keep your details up to date or provide the best imagery then your venue won’t be seen at its best. 
  • The content we create will be targeted, relevant and tailored to your venue’s USP’s but ultimately we can never be as spontaneous as you have the potential to be yourself.

The Best of Both Worlds…


With the fantastic benefits available with Search4Venues and independent social media marketing why not have the best of both? Opt for an enhanced listing with social media promotion across our social platforms as well as a dedicated venue page with direct contact details in our online directory combined with social marketing on your own channels including sharing the Search4Venues content and you will have varied and engaging social media content that has both a personal touch and targeted marketing messaging.

Incorporating Search4Venues into your social media marketing efforts will mitigate the drawbacks of time allocation for members of your team as they will have time for posting as well as their usual responsibilities while maintaining consistency and online activity.

Your enhanced listing ensures access to experienced marketing specialists and venue finders for a fraction of the price of hiring and employing in house as well as gaining an audience of corporate bookers.

Best of all, you will have the opportunity to post all that fantastic in the moment, culture content that followers love while our marketing specialists provide the right messaging, emphasise your USP’s, research trends and use hashtags for the best reach.