The Lockdown

Oh wow!! Sunshine!!! If the weather had been poor, my experience of this pandemic would have been unbearable. The brighter days and the ability to spend as much time in the garden has been a literal godsend.

The Lockdown - Oh wow sunshine!!!

In the first days leading up to lockdown, like most of you – the tobook and Search4Venues teams went into overdrive to get things sorted for our clients.  Cancellations, reschedules and communications with our clients were priority, then moving out of the office and giving notice to ensure we didn’t have any unnecessary outlay.

Our Team

The teams are currently furloughed and unlikely to return to work until July now and then part time. They have been incredible, a real testament to themselves and a huge support for me personally.

Our Team

So what has lockdown meant to me?

Personally I’ve had to spend more time with my boys 18 & 21. Both have done their bit, working nights making PPE and now part of the 25000 strong Contact Tracing workforce.

Yes, I am immensely proud, but many of you will understand the mounting washing and the ‘floor-drobe’ situation.  The inability to keep anywhere tidy and the complete absorption they have in themselves. Exhausting!

Workwise, I have built stronger relationships with industry colleagues. 

Understood where others face challenges and taken part in trying to support them through their journey.

I have been supported by my family, my team and many, many industry colleagues – and so for me, this lockdown has taught me to…

  • Always stay positive – even if a door closes there is another waiting for you to open
  • Appreciate your team – without them you wouldn’t be the business you are
  • Appreciate your Industry Colleagues – from webinars to zoom meetups, catch up phone calls and supportive messages I’ve been lucky to have them all.
  • Appreciate your clients – they are suffering too and will need our help to ensure they get back on track.

Looking to the future

Looking to the Future

I love the Hospitality Industry and as leaders in Hospitality, I welcome the return to work with our Venue and Hotel partners providing safe meeting and event spaces and the best customer service ever!

Stay safe everyone and stay positive we will succeed post-pandemic together!
Karen Guile